Refund Policy

Company informs you that you are entitled to cancel the services of any plan, if the support staff is not able to resolve your issue or the problem is out of plan preview. Money back guarantee can be avail for 7 days for our per incident plans, beginning at the time of 1st incident. For our subscription-based plan the Money-Back Guarantee is valid for 30 days, beginning at the time of purchase for the plans that had been through for three months, there will be refund for up to 50% if no incident referred, and if only one incident has been referred then per incident fee will be charged and balance amount refunded. For the period exceeding six months, Whole Printer Care will exercise its discretion in deciding, depending upon the time invested in it, from No refund to Pro-rata refund on a case to case basis. However, if you have opted for the six months unlimited technical Service in which you pay every two months then you have the right to cancel the payment anytime. You can cancel the subscription by sending us an email at But once full payment is paid then there is no refund. For Fraudulent chargeback, all evidences will be submitted to appropriate authorities and proper legal action will be undertaken. We will not be held responsible if their credit rating is downgraded due to the above.