About Us


Teck-Mate is professional web design and digital marketing company that provides a full range of design, development, and Internet marketing solutions for growing businesses.   We believe in providing fast, affordable and responsive web designs that will set your business apart from the pack.



We provide B2B & B2C e-commerce marketplace solutions that help support the growth of Small and Medium Business (SMBs) so that they can equalize their online experience and show the world the unique value they bring.  It is our mission to deliver the type of high quality, results-oriented web and e-commerce solutions necessary to reach a global clientele.

We take pride in our ability to produce handsome, responsive websites that are unique and deliver an experience that will help establish your brand with your target audience.  Our job is to build an affordable website that is responsive and engaging so that you can keep customers on your page. We believe in professionalism at all times, and strive to live up to the adage “The Customer is Always Right.”


Teck-Mate specializes in Web Design & Development, Content and Digital Marketing, Mobile Apps, SMO and SEO Services,  and product support. Our company doesn’t just build websites, we build web solutions.